Sati Sangha
Sati Sangha
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Welcome to Sati Sangha

A virtual space for meditating together in silence and tinkering on new ways of community building.

About Me

Hello, I'm an enthusiast of meditation and I've been meditating since 12 years. I feel like it's time to expand my regular practice to the community level. So I'm creating this virtual space with a symbolic membership fee to come together every morning and dive into the realms of meditation together. 

Why You Should Join Me

I hear it many times from friends and students that they would like to meditate, but many times it's difficult to get on the cushion. I know, a lot is happening, we have abundance of events, services and products, so I keep everything simple. We just simply come together every morning and use this virtual space to sit together. That's it!

A Big Thanks

Thank you so much for becoming a member, that means a lot to me! Slowly but steadily building a community of people meditating together is a dream come true for me. Thank you for your supports, don't forget that, the 7€ you pay each month, enables me to pay for the technical requirements to make this project possible, also compensates the ones who don't have enough finances to be part of this space and pays my basics to survive in the digital sphere. 

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